Monday, January 14, 2013

Razor Caost Sneak Peek #7

Lou Agresta shares "He owns a fishing supply store. Really. Just a fishing supply store. Honest, cross my heart. Introducing (for some, reintroducing) One of my favorite off-beat dramatis personae, Old Fish. Here's an old man who can teach you a thing or two."

Here from across the ocean. Where specifically? Oh here and there? He just thought he'd travel a bit in his retirement, finally doing as an old man what he'd always hoped to do as a young one. On the wall? Oh nothing. Just some old junk weapons the sewer pirates dig up every now and then. So fish. Fishing gear. A crossbow or two. The needles? Nothing. Just for nets. Oh. I sell maps too. Maps of the area. Got a treasure map to Garr Bloodbane's Gold around here. 100% authentic. Guaranteed. Now what'd you say I can get you? And here, while you're thinking, take a look at this map.

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