Monday, January 21, 2013

Heart of the Razor Sneak Peek #2

Angry Waters

by Richard Pett

The Tulita elders remember the reign of Lakano Mua—the Red Misery—through the old chants passed down from generation to generation. The red dragon’s wings blotted out the sun for a hundred years, and his fire—and those of his children—reduced entire tribes to cinders…

Angry Waters is a 10th level Razor Coast treasure hunt for taboo riches, featuring mad admirals, beautiful captains, forbidden islands, dread beasts, and dark magics best left undisturbed.

“Dead men tell no tales,” they say. Captain Mercy will tell you otherwise. She’ll tell you dead men know secrets. They know of incredible places, like a City of Gold in the caldera of an extinct volcano. A city. Of gold – and she wants your help to get it.

“The catch?” drawls Mercy. “The gold, an entire city made from it did I tell you, it’s on an uncharted island in the Turmoil. Those waters belong to my old enemy, Uriah Tame. The mad Admiral, they call him, who owns some damned devilish means of knowing when a ship is in his waters. I’ll give him that.”

Not to worry. Tame is bored. Easily impressed by the likes of you. You just sail us into Armada – that’s the Admiral’s little floating town built of shipwrecks – I’ll lay low. You do a jig, pay a pence, and talk him into passage for us.”

She smiles. A daring, raffish grin, full of confidence. “After that, boyos, it’s smooth sailing. Sack the city, no more worries, and a fortune for us all.”

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