Thursday, June 6, 2013

Frogs in Texas

The frogs safely arrived in Dallas. Due to the heat we had to get right to the drink. Gotta keep that amphibian skin wet. Sadly after the hotel bar closed we went to the local bar. All the power was out but we chanced our adventuring skills by going into a completely dark building in search of said drink. To our welcomed surprise they could serve us beer and wine still. So our first day together we spent drinking in the dark. Here are some pictures of how our Con began. Enjoy. 


  1. The "Thunder" is Greg, the blue shirt and hat is Chuck, the blue shirt and pink shirt at the bar are Bill and Krista, the one holding the wine glass and mysteriously out of most of the other pics is the blondefrog, The smiling gentleman two-handing the brew is Mr. Finch, and the last one with the "Best in the World" shirt is Skeeter.

    Also, the is the bar that the next night cut me off in a very sly way, so I think they are a pretty cool group. :-)


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