Monday, December 31, 2012

Razor Coast Sneak Peek #4

Rule the Razor you say? A fool’s ambition. The subtleties and perils of this realm are manifold. Land and sea murder at the whim of ancient gods. Men’s smiles hide a thousand knives. Those fooled into believing that the Kraken’s tentacles are more fearsome than its insidious and far-reaching schemes soon find themselves cruelly enlightened – usually moments before calamity claims their souls. The Razor is too vast, its terrors too multitudinous, for even the bravest adventurer to conquer. It won’t stop them from trying though, and that means good business for me. I thank the gods daily for sending so many fools into this world.
                   - Saldrin Seaheart, local guide and purveyor of “adventuring supplies” 

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