Monday, March 12, 2012

March 12, 2012

The Frog’s have returned from Central America intact with the possible exception of our livers. We saw great things, did fun stuff, baby frog (6 years old) learned to surf, and we even got to watch a sea turtle lay eggs on a beach at night. Saw some of the scariest bugs and snakes imaginable (look up terciopila…very scary). Momma frog had a 7 inch long, 2 inch wide grasshopper with a 12 inch wingspan land on her back..she hopped about 10 feet in the air. We even got to see Will Smith filming Men in Black 3 (and one of his crew actually get bitten by a terciopila!). 

But, being back from the beach, we are back at work. I got 4 new levels of Rappan Athuk written, Greg finished Tsar 14 and is final editing the bonus chapter as I write this. Orders will be cut off for the signed/limited edition Tsar on March 31. Paizo will have unsigned books for sale soon, also in limited quantities.

I will be sending out shipping information to all subscribers soon. I am hoping I can get 2 books into a large priority box. Shipping is going to be killer for me (only 4 books per case box on the pallet). This will be the LARGEST RPG BOOK EVER MADE!

So in other news:
  • Tsar 13 and 14 are at the printer and will go for sale soon, pdfs will get posted this week
  • Northlands 4 is at the printer
  • SNS 2 , Castle Baldemore is in layout
  • Northlands 5, as well as several other ONS/SNS titles are coming soon
  • Rappan Athuk is 75% converted, and 14 new levels are written as drafts. This epic will go on sale May 1 (or so)
  • All current orders will be packed and shipped this week—I only got home 19 hours ago, so bear with me!

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